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Thanks to John Perrin for information about the King's Royal Rifles Corps.

 Goreham's Rangers1749
29th1st Btn. Worcestershire1749 - 50
40th1st Btn. South Lancashire1749-54
45th1st Btn. Derbyshire1749-54
47th1st Btn. North Lancashire1750
47th1st Btn. North Lancashire1754
60thKing's Royal Rifle Corps1755
42nd1st Btn. Royal Highlanders1755-57
1stRoyal Scots1756-58
 Royal Train Artillery1757
35th1st Btn. Royal Sussex1757-58
45th1st Btn. Derbyshire1757-58
15thEast Yorkshire1757-63
28th1st Btn. Gloucestershire1758
43rd1st Btn. Oxford Light Infantry1758
47th1st Btn. North Lancashire1758
 Goreham's Rangers1758
63rd1st Btn. Manchester1758-
58th2nd Btn. Northamptonshire1759-60
60thKing's Royal Rifle Corps1759-61
 Goreham's Rangers1760-63
 Royal Colonial Regiment1763-67
82nd2nd Btn. South Lancashire1769-70
 Royal American Rangers1770-83
59th2nd Btn. East Lancashire1771-75
80th2nd Btn. South Staffordshire1774-78
82nd2nd Btn. South Lancashire1774-78
91st1st Btn. Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders1778
 Royal Regiment of Artillery1778
 Royal Garrison Regiment1778-79
 Royal Recruits Regiment1779-81
23rdRoyal Welch Fusiliers1783
38th1st Btn. South Staffordshire1783
43rd1st Btn. Oxford Light Infantry1783
63rd1st Btn. Manchester1783
64th1st Btn. North Staffordshire1783
74th2nd Btn. Highland Light Infantry1783
7thRoyal Fusiliers1783
82nd2nd Btn. South Lancashire1783
 Royal British Recruits1783
 5th Royal Garrison Regiment1783
 King's Rangers Regiment1783
54th2nd Btn. Dorsetshire1783- 1786
33rd1st Btn. West Riding1783-86
42nd1st Btn. Royal Highlanders1783-86
37th1st Btn. Hampshire1783-89
57th1st Btn. Middlesex1783-91
84th2nd Btn. Yorkshire & Lancashire1784
 Royal Artillery1784 (or before) - 1905
60thKing's Royal Rifle Corps1786-87
6thRoyal Warwickshire1786-91
4thRoyal Lancashire1787-94
21stRoyal Scots Fusiliers1791-92
65th1st Btn. Yorkshire & Lancashire1793
47th1st Btn. North Lancashire1793-99
7thRoyal Fusiliers1794-1802
 Royal Sappers and Miners1795-96
66th2nd Btn. Royal Berkshire1798-1800
24thSouth Wales Borderers1799-1800
26th1st Btn. Scottish Rifles1800
 Loyal Surrey Regiment1800-02
45th1st Btn. Derbyshire1801
60thKing's Royal Rifle Corps1802-05
29th1st Btn. Worcestershire1802-07
41st1st Btn. Welch1803
49th1st Btn. Royal Berkshire1803
6thRoyal Warwickshire1803
 Royal Sappers and Miners1804
98th2nd Btn. North Staffordshire1805-07
101st1st Btn. Royal Munster Fusiliers1807-09
23rdRoyal Welch Fusiliers1808-10
7thRoyal Fusiliers1808-10
8thKing's (and Liverpool)1808-13
98th2nd Btn. North Staffordshire1810-17
104th2nd Btn. Royal Munster Fusiliers1811-12 (Raised as N. B. Fencibles)
99th2nd Btn. Wiltshire1811-15
 4th Batt. King's Royal Veterans1812
89th2nd Btn. Royal Irish Fusiliers1812-13
102nd1st Btn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers1813
 Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles1813
64th1st Btn. North Staffordshire1813-15
 10th Royal Veteran Battalion1813-15
27th1st Btn. Inniskilling Fusiliers1814
29th1st Btn. Worcestershire1814
62nd1st Btn. Wiltshire1814-23
 Royal Engineers1815 (or before) - 1905
 Royal Staff Corps1815-16
15thEast Yorkshire1815-21
 Royal York Rangers1819
81st2nd Btn. North Lancashire1821-26
74th2nd Btn. Highland Light Infantry1823-28
96th2nd Btn. Manchester1824-25
 Rifle Brigade1825-30
52nd2nd Btn. Oxfordshire Light Infantry1826-31
34th1st Btn. Border1829-31
 Royal Staff Corps1829-33
 Royal Sappers and Miners1829-33
96th2nd Btn. Manchester1829-35
8thKing's (and Liverpool)1830-33
33rd1st Btn. West Riding1831
 Rifle Brigade1832-36
34th1st Btn. Border1833-38
83rd1st Btn. Royal Irish Rifles1834-37
85th2nd Btn. Shropshire Light Infantry1836-37
65th1st Btn. Yorkshire & Lancashire1838
73rd2nd Btn. Royal Highlanders1838
93rd2nd Btn. Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders1838
23rdRoyal Welch Fusiliers1838-40
37th1st Btn. Hampshire1839-41
8thKing's (and Liverpool)1839-41
69th2nd Btn. Welch1839-42
64th1st Btn. North Staffordshire1840-43
30th1st Btn. East Lancashire1841-42
76th2nd Btn. West Riding1841-42
 Rifle Brigade1842-46
33rd1st Btn. West Riding1843
52nd2nd Btn. Oxfordshire Light Infantry1843-44
1stRoyal Scots1844
74th2nd Btn. Highland Light Infantry1844-45
46th2nd Btn. Duke of Cornwall Lt. In,1845
43rd1st Btn. Oxford Light Infantry1845-46
33rd1st Btn. West Riding1846
77th2nd Btn. Middlesex1846
 Royal Sappers and Miners1846
14thWest Yorkshire1846-47
89th2nd Btn. Royal Irish Fusiliers1846-47
23rdRoyal Welch Fusiliers1847-48
46th2nd Btn. Duke of Cornwall Lt. In,1847-48
82nd2nd Btn. South Lancashire1847-48
1stRoyal Scots1848
33rd1st Btn. West Riding1848
7thRoyal Fusiliers1848-50
38th1st Btn. South Staffordshire1848-51
97th2nd Btn. Royal West Kent1848-53
88th1st Btn. Connaught Rangers1850-51
1stRoyal Scots1850-53
42nd1st Btn. Royal Highlanders1851-52
72nd1st Btn. Seaforth Highlanders1851-54
76th2nd Btn. West Riding1853-56
 Foreign Legion1855
62nd1st Btn. Wiltshire1856-61
63rd1st Btn. Manchester1856-62
40th1st Btn. South Lancashire1858
 Royal Military Train1861-62
 Rifle Brigade1862
 Grenadier Guards1862
 Scots Fusilier Guards1862
2ndRoyal West Surrey1864
47th1st Btn. North Lancashire1866-68
4thRoyal Lancashire1866-68
30th1st Btn. East Lancashire1868-69
29th1st Btn. Worcestershire1869
83rd1st Btn. Royal Irish Rifles1869
78th2nd Btn. Seaforth Highlanders1869-71
69th2nd Btn. Welch1870
84th2nd Btn. Yorkshire & Lancashire1870
61st2nd Btn. Gloucestershire1870-72
60th1st Btn. King's Royal Rifle Corps1871-76
87th1st Btn. Royal Irish Fusiliers1872-76
97th2nd Btn. Royal West Kent1876-80
101st1st Btn. Royal Munster Fusiliers1878-83
40th1st Btn. South Lancashire1883
86th2nd Btn. Royal Irish Rifles1883-86
84th2nd Btn. Yorkshire & Lancashire1886-88
76th2nd Btn. West Riding1888-91
8thKing's (and Liverpool)1893-95
49th1st Btn. Royal Berkshire1895-97
4thRoyal Lancashire1896-97
109th2nd Btn. Leinster1897-98
100th1st Btn. Leinster1898-1900
36th2nd Btn. Worcestershire1899
 Royal Garrison Regiment 5th Battalion1903-06
 (known as Royal Garrison Regiment RGA from 1901-05)