1891 Nova Scotia Census, Smith's Cove, Halifax County
Notes by John Cordes
Updated February 17, 2007

Note 1:  Family #29: Moser, Mrs. Margaret Ann — My great-grandmother, ne้ MacDonald; my great-grandfather John Henry Moser died in January, 1891. Their daughter, Maggie Moser in the census list, is Margaret Priscilla Moser, my grandmother.
Note 2:  Family #86: Pace, Jessie — Jessie Ann Pace, who later married Vernon Moser.
Note 3:  Family #92: Pace, Orestes — Charles Orestes Pace, according to the 1881 Census.
Note 4:  Family #59: Shelnutt, Lizzie — Elizabeth Jane Nelson, first wife of George Richard Shellnutt and mother of his four children. She died in 1913. In 1921 George Shellnutt married my grandmother Margaret "Maggie" (Moser) Greenwood, who had been widowed in 1915.
Note 5:  Family #118: Irwin, Robert S. — Robert Simon Irwin, son of George Alex and Christina Irwin (based on 1881 Census).
Note 6:  Family #8: Moser, Andrew — Based on the 1881 Census, the given names in this family are Andrew, Mary Elizabeth, William Norman, George Rubert [sic], Isaac Elvin, Robert Gilbert, Corey Jane. I originally had "Rupert" transcribed as Reuben. However, I am now (2008.03.20) quite convinced that "Reuben" is George Rupert Moser, who died 4 Sep 1919 at the age of 47 years, 8 months, 11 days (which translates to a birth date of 24 Dec 1871). This would make sense of the 1881 listing for one thing. In the 1901 census he appears as Rupert G., married to Etta J. (Cameron), with daughter Maude. He married Etta in Moser River on 25 Feb 1894.
Note 7:  Family #4: McDonald, Daniel — Based on the 1881 Census, the given names in this family are Daniel, Mary Ann, Hennery Elauson, and Mary Ezabell; the surname is recorded as McDonel in 1881. George Nicholas (age 24), Mary Ellen (age 21), and Freeman (age 16) McDonel were also with the family in 1881, as was Emly L. Turden (F; age 5).
Note 8:  Family #78: Smith, Thomas J. — Based on the 1881 Census, the given names in this family are John Thomas, Lydia Jane, and Lilla May.
Note 9:  Family #7: Hubley, Dorien — Presumed to be the person called Lorenzo D. Hubley in the 1901 Census.
Note 10:  Family #58: Shelnutt, Margaret Ann — Mother of George [Richard] Shelnutt, of the next household; widow of George Francis Shellnutt, and a daughter of Thomas Smith and Mary Elizabeth Moser. [private communication: Wayne Shellnutt]
Note 11:  Family #74: Moser, Mrs. Elizabeth — I think Elizabeth is probably the widow of John Leonard Moser, who is known to have married (Mary) Elizabeth McDonald in 1848 at Lower Quoddy. If this is correct she may be the daughter of Alexander James McDonald and Mary Ann Cunningham.
Note 12:  Family #83: Smith, George — probably belongs with the following family (#84); the census record has a line drawn through the number 84.
Note 13:  Family #72: McDonald, Samuel. This family appears to be a reasonable match for the following from the 1881 Census:
Census Place:	Nicumteouch, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Source:	FHL Film 1375805  NAC C-13169  Dist 10  SubDist Z  Page 4  Family 17

				Sex	Marr	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Rel:	Occ:
Ann MOSER			F	W	66	Scottish	Nova Scotia	C of E
William Abert MOSER		M		18	German		Nova Scotia	C of E
Samuel MCDONAL			M	M	32	Scottish	Nova Scotia	C of E 	Day Laborer	
Olive Maria MCDONAL		F	M	26	Scottish	Nova Scotia	C of E
Effe Jane MCDONAL		F		7	Scottish	Nova Scotia	C of E
William Archabald MCDONAL	M		2	Scottish	Nova Scotia	C of E
   NS Vital Stats (novascotiagenealogy.com) has a marriage (3 Dec 1878) for Maria Moser (24), d/o George and Anne to Samuel McDonald (28), s/o Arch and Mary; all of McDonald's Cove (is this Harrigan Cove?).

Note 14:  Family #72: McDonald, Blanch. This Blanch McDonald may be the Ella Blanche McDonald, age 15, who marries (NS Vital Stats) William Joseph McDonald, age 23, on 6 Jan 1900, at Harrigan Cove. William is s/o Charles and Lavinia and Ella Blanche is d/o Samuel and Lavinia.
  Is Lavinia here, for Ella Blanche's mother's name, a mistake? To fit with Family #72 the mother should be Maria Olive (or Olive Maria).

  William is almost certainly the William of Family #44, age 15 in the 1891 Census, s/o Charles and Lavinia.
  William's birth is recorded at NS Vital Stats: 4 Oct 1875, s/o Charles McDonald, fisherman, Harrigan Cove and Lavinia Parker, also of Harrigan cove (married in 1874). The marriage of Charles Edward (or Edmu(o)nd?) McDonald and Lavinia Mary Parker is also recorded in Vital Stats: 22 Dec 1874, Harrigan Cove. Charles, 23, fisherman, s/o Daniel (fisherman) and Mary; Lavinia, 19, d/o Thos. and Letitia (Letitia may be d/o Colin Mitchell (Jeddore) and Eliza Horn (Eastern Passage, if she is the Letitia Parker who d. age 97 on 4 Apr 1925 at Owl's Head, Halifax County).
Note 15:  Family #134: Moser, William. William and his mother Ann appear in the 1881 Census - see Note 14 above.

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